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        The quality is the life of the Corporation. In order to confirm the product quality, the Corporation has established complete quality assurance system under the leadership of the president, and has realized to carry out the whole quality control procedure including products design, manufacturing and after-sale service. 

        The Corporation possesses I, II, III sorts pressure vessels design and manufacture certificates, GC1, GC2 pressure pipe design certificate, and A1, A2 grade pressure vessel design and manufacture certificate issued by AQSIQ. According to national standard and related regulation, the Corporation has assigned pressure vessels design persons in charge and manufacturing quality assurance engineering and engineers responsible for design, material, process, welding, no-destructive inspection, heat treatment, standard, physical and chemical examination, equipment, measure and inspection, etc,. According to requirement of standard ISO9000, the corporation has edited and worked out <> and procedure files, and has established quality conformity system, and has gained certificate of BASHU Quality certificate center.

        The corporation has accumulated lots of various standards, drawings, process, technical documents which can guide development of new products, and has a completely set of inspection equipment with high precision, devices and measurement methods, and has strict process principles and process quality control methods, and holds many qualified examiners. 

        All the members of the Company has been carrying out the idea that quality is the first, and strictly perform quality assurance statement and guarantee to the customers.

After sales guarantee of Sichuan Dachuan Compressor Co., Ltd.

We make guarantee for every model gas compressor supplied by the Corporation as following:

1、We carry out project manager responsibility system, sales vice chief manager will take director of the project, and the general administrative department of the product project will exercise coordinating, pursuing and supervising daily work.

2. The progress and technical reparation schedule and the net table of progress rate will be provided, progress schedule will be advised to the users before 20th every month, or the users may send person to the local place to supervise.

3、Letter of quality guarantee for the project will be provided; the two parties will control products quality jointly.

4. In order to strengthen the after-sale service, service center for the users is established, and which has a service team with high specialty and skillful technology, thus confirm that the equipment can be operated normally for a long period when they are put into practice by the users.

5. We will train operation and service persons for the users without payment. The training will separate two stages, the first stage, installation and trial running the compressors in the manufacturer, the persons sent by the users will receive training on structure and performance of the whole unit。The second stage, during the erection period, the service persons of the supplier will exercise technical training to the operators and maintenance staffs.

6. Spare parts will be supplied at first priority, better quality, and lower price for long period and promise to supply in time.

7. Supplying technical consultation free of payment.

8. We can provide the best and prompt after-sale service for the users, and we strictly promise that upon receiving users’ written notice, our service persons will arrive at the local place within 48 hours.

9. We guarantee that we will make deliver on time according to users’ requirement and arrive the plant on time, we are responsible for directing erection and debugging and do our best to fulfill the operators’ training.



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