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Technical center is an important part of enterprise science & technology development project and is an important content of building for research and development ability. The technical center of Sichuan Dachuan Compressor Co., Ltd. is based on Sichuan Compressor Institute, Sichuan Plastic & Machinery Institute and Sichuan Compressor Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station. It has got the qualification as provincial technical center in 2006. Technical center is a high-level and high starting point research and development institute, which participates in formulating enterprise development strategy. It is also the core of the enterprise technical management and strategic decision. Technical center has developed hundreds of new products in the past 20 years, which made Sichuan Dachuan Compressor Co., Ltd. be awarded as one of the hundred enterprises of technical development strength in Sichuan Province.

        As the core of technical innovation system of Sichuan Dachuan Compressor Co., Ltd., the technical center has set with Sichuan compressor institute, Sichuan compressor product quality supervision & inspection station, school-company cooperation department, Design offices (I,II, III, IV), process research laboratory, standard measurement office, medium-speed compressor and ultra-high pressure compressor development department, software development department, electrical design department and information and network centers. The core of enterprise technology innovation is to form independent intellectual property rights and transform technical advantages into economic advantages & compitition advantages through implementing technical innovation strategies. In the development of new products, The Company has been insisting good quality and high level.  

Major research and development results:

  1. The design of cushion valve
  2. The design and manufacture of oil-free lubricated compressor, and its formula and process manufacturing technology of seal lubrication components.
  3. The proprietary technology for large size injection machine nodular cast iron patten & nodular cast iron crankshaft casting
  4. The design and manufacture technology of anti-hydrogen sulfide gas compressors
  5. The design and manufacture technology of carbon dioxide compressors
  6. The design and manufacture of gas engine-compressors
  7. The design and manufacture technology of low inlet temperature compressors
  8. The design and manufacture technology of various series of CNG compressors

        The Technical center of Sichuan Dachuan Compressor Co., Ltd. is a continuous innovation and development compressor industry research and development base. It has been playing an important role in promoting industrial and regional science and technology progress and has made significant contribution to the development of industrial and regional science and technology.

Provincial Technical Design & Development Center Certificate


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